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Car Park Safety

It has been brought to our attention by Parents and bus drivers that pupil safety in the school car park at 3pm is an ongoing concern. We would like to bring the following points to your attention:

  • NO CHILD should be crossing the car park unattended. As previously advised by the school, children should wait on the footpath and parents/minders should walk to the footpath to collect their children and then return to their car.

  • Parents should not be parking on the left side inside the car park gate. This is a no parking zone as it is the entrance and exit to/from the car park. Children are running across in front of, and behind the buses to get to these cars. This is putting the children in direct danger of being hit by on- coming traffic.

  • We ask that all parents slow down when driving into and out of the car park for the safety of all.

  • Parking on the double yellow lines in front of the school at 3pm is strictly prohibited. This is illegal and it is blocking the way for buses and other traffic in and out of the car park.

Please take note and heed all of the above recommendations for the safety of all our children. Our car park is a shared space between cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

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