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Amber Flag

This year we are takin part in Pieta House' Amber Flag initiative. Pieta’s Amber Flag initiative celebrates communities that create healthy, supportive, and inclusive environments by promoting mental well-being.

  • By taking part in the Amber Flag, we are committing to creating a safer space for everyone to express themselves, seek help, and support each other.

  • By being part of our Amber Flag Committee and getting involved in setting and achieving mental health goals, we can empower other people to prioritise their mental health, to overcome challenges, and build resilience.

  • By joining Pieta’s Amber Flag movement, we will be part of a community across Ireland, working together to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Amber Flag Committee 

Our Amber Flag committee is comprised of students from 1st to 6th class as well as class teachers Ms. Kinghorn and Ms. Lonergan.

amber flag committee.jpg

Our amber flag committee have regular meetings, in which we discuss what we already do to promote positive mental health in our school and what we can do to further to support our students and staff. 


Our committee have worked together to set goals to help us achieve and earn an Amber Flag.  

Goal 1 - Poster Competition

As part of the amber flag initiative, our first goal was to hold a whole school poster competition to promote positive mental health.

Students from infants to second class coloured a picture of mental health slogans, while students from third class up created their own slogans and designed their own posters.

The entries were excellent and all posters will be displayed around the school.

Pictured below are the winners of the competition with their winning posters.

amber flag poster competition winners.jpg

Goal 2 - Mental Health Awareness Week 

We held our mental health awareness week, the week before our Easter holidays.. We spent the week raising awareness and enjoying acticities which promoted positive mental health across the school. 

All classes enjoyed sessions of yoga. We learned how to calm our minds and important breathing techniques which may be useful to us in the future. 

mental health awareness week yoga.jpg
yoga 2.jpg
yoga 3.jpg
yoga 4.jpg

We got outside and enjoyed a whole school céilí!

All classes enjoyed sessions of skipping!

We practiced our skipping skills and learned lots of cool tricks using skipping ropes.

mental health awareness week skipping.jpg
mental health awareness week skipping 2.jpg

Goal 3 - Fundraiser for Pieta House 

On Friday March 22nd, we held a fundraiser in aid of Pieta House. Pieta house are the organisation who developed the Amber Flag initiate which we are engaging with this year. The Amber Flag’s aim is to promote positive mental health and we have been working hard to do so.

We had ‘Fluffy Friday’, where children dressed in fluffy or comfy clothes coming to school and brought in a donation for the charity. Classes enjoyed a relaxing morning to finish off the term before our Easter Holidays.

We raised €227 euro for Pieta House! Thank you to all the children and parents for the donations. We are delighted to have raised this much to hand over to Pieta House to support those in need.

fluffy friday fundraiser for pieta house.jpg
fluffy friday.jpg
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